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Lombok Daily Tours | Bali Tours

City Tour

Tour Code  : LJDT. 01

Duration     : 4 hours (Leave: 09.00 – 13.00).

Start from hotel at 09.00 AM and then we are going to visit some of interesting places around Mataram such as : Meru Temple is the biggest Hindu Temple in Lombok with three tiered high temples, representing place to worship to “Tri Murti of Brahma, Wisnu and Shiva” built in 1720, Narmada Garden Park is the Royal King Garden of Lombok, it was built by A.A Gede Ngurah from Karangasem Bali in 1727. Lingsar Temple – this unique and sacred temple of two beliefs, Hindus and Moslem Waktu Telu worship together in one place for own belief, it’s built around 1714. And our last visit is to Cakranegara – Lombok China Town

Sasak Native, Arts, Culture & Nature Tour

Tour Code  : LJDT. 02

Duration     : 8 hours (Leave: 09.00 – 17.00)

Tour program to south coast of Lombok to visit : Banyumulek is one of Pottery Centre in Lombok. Clay pot still made by hand with very simple tools for daily use. It is unique in design and high in quality. Sukarara is a village for traditional hand weaving cloth with silver thread and other special ornaments. Sade is the village where woman wear the traditional dresses and we can see Sasak houses. And our last visit is Kuta Beach / Tanjung Aan which lies in the southern coast of Lombok just 5 km apart, the white sandy beach with clear turquoise water is prefect for swimming and sun bathing.

Gili Air Tour

Tour Code : LJDT. 03

Duration    : 08 Hours (Leave: 08.00 – 16.00)

Lendang Bajur a typical countryside market place with colourful market scenes. Pusuk Pass more than 403 meters above sea level to witness the local people making palm sugar (if any) and to view the spectacular scenery of the peninsula. Pemenang is the small village on the coast where you will board outrigger boat for around a-20-minute trip across the small strait to Gili Air. Gili Air – a fascinating small island with it’s specialty for swimming and snorkelling.

Gili Trawangan Tour

Tour Code : LJDT. 04

Duration    : 08 Hours (Leave: 08.00 – 16.00)

Malimbu – roller coaster’s panoramic view. Gili Trawangan, a fascinating small island with it’s specialty for swimming and snorkelling, around 45 minutes from the harbour of Bangsal. Pemenang is the small village on the coast, Pusuk Pass – Monkey Forest more than 403 meters above sea level to witness the local making palm sugar (if any) and to view the spectacular scenery of the peninsula on the way back.

Natural Aquarium Tour

Tour Code  : LJDT. 05

Duration     : 08 Hours (Leave: 08.00-16.00

Malimbu Hill where you can sea an amazing three famous Gilis from distance and visit the three small islands : Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, with their sparkling coral sand beaches and the beautiful marine garden offshore. During your visit, you can laze on the beach. You can choose the enormous range of activities, go snorkeling and find other things to do. Return to hotel through Pusuk Pass – Monkey Forest to feed tame monkeys with peanut or bananas.

Sendang Gila Waterfall Tour

Tour Code  : LJDT. 06

Duration     : 08 Hours (Leave: 08.00-16.00)

Lendang Bajur Traditional Market the most colourful market with fruits and food traded by local people for their daily needs. Here you can buy banana or peanuts for the monkeys. Pusuk Pass this is quite place, 403 meters height above see level facing, northern sea through green valley with lush forest and rice fields. Group of monkey’s line up on the roadside waiting for fruits or peanuts from everyone who’s passing trough. Sendang Gila Waterfall – located about 600 meters above sea level on the foot of Mount Rinjani. Cool and quite hill, gives you a comfortable rest. Senaru Traditional Village 1,5 meters from Sendang Gila is Traditional Village, where mountain tribe’s life and civilization of past century still exist as a part of the nature.

Lombok Discovery Tour

Tour Code       : LJDT. 07

Duration          : 10 Hours (Leave: 08.00 – 18.00)

This tour cover the whole of Lombok to the north passing through mountainous rain forest, stopping at Malimbu roller’s coaster panoramic view, Segenter – rustic Sasak Village then we stop at Sendang Gila Waterfall and on to Bayan Village, where the religious belief of the mountain tribe and Moslem emerge over history. Sembalun Valley – dramatics view of Mount Rinjani, Lemor preserved forest, on the way up, as far as the eyes can see, spread up a lot of beautiful rice terraces. Last stop at Cakranegara – Lombok’s China town.

Gili Nanggu Tour

Tour Code : LJDT. 08

Duration : 08 Hours (Leave: 08.00 – 16.00)

Gili Nanggu; untouched little island in the south-west coast of Lombok, a-20-minute trip from Lembar harbour by outrigger boat. Fine white sand, wonderful marine life, an ideal place for snorkelling, sunbathing or enjoying the art of doing nothing, Banyumulek-hand made earthenware pottery as an optional on the way back.

Malimbu Sunset Tour

Tour Code : LJDT. 09

Duration    : 04 Hours (14.30 – 18.30)

Easy to enjoy and hard to forget – romantic afternoon, start from leisure around 14.30 visiting Ampenan afternoon fisherman market, Gunung Sari – Bamboo furniture, Pusuk Pass Monkey forest, Malimbu for a spectacular sunset

Lombok Oleh Oleh Tour

Tour Code  : LJDT. 10

Duration     : 04 – 06 Hours

Shopping is one of the travelling delights. Get the nicest gifts for your memory back home; cultured pearls, hand woven fabrics, Lombok T-shirts, Ketak “grass” plaiting, bamboo and wooden.

Package Inclusive :

02 nights accomodation at hotel choice inclusive b’fast (twin share)

Lunch and or Diner at local restaurant as mentioned each package (Indonesian / Local food)

AC Transport, Tour Guide (English Speaking), Entrace fee and donation at tour object

Boat charter for Gili Tours, Soft drink, mineral water, face towel or wet tissue on tour

Exclusive :

Flight ticket, aiport tax, Tipping, and other personal expences (optional tour, laundry, telephone, etc)

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